Travelling Makes You Lonely


Travelling Makes You Lonely
Hi my little mangos! Does travelling make you lonely? And if it does, is it okay to be lonely? I’ve noticed when I travel I can feel alone even though I am surrounded by so many people… It’s because it is unfamiliar and I think when things are unfamiiliar and you feel alone, is when big personal growth is made. I don’t necessarily feel lonely even though I’m alone, I just feel different. I don’t even know where I’m getting with this because my thoughts can be a little too complex for me to even comprehend at times. I think when traveling, and being alone without possessions and without other people such as friends/partner that some what help shape and define you, is a time where you can really become connected with yourself and find out who you really are deep down. Listening to your thoughts, your body and seeing what you want and becoming happy within yourself! I will make another video on this if you like.. Let me know below. I hope you enjoyed my crazy rambling.. I’m sorry I don’t make sense haha but just wanted to share my feelings. Love and light, Mary xoxo

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Travelling Makes You Lonely

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